What this is…

In 2012 I started working on a dissertation project that is concerned with emotions and affective rhetoric in primatological texts. That is: Texts of field researchers of various disciplines working with and about apes and monkeys, often relating long field studies and personal experiences.

For a literary scholar this is a rather unusual topic. For me it is one leading to bedazzling Google-rides into the realm of useless but very amusing bits and pieces of knowledge. Of course my scholarly work doesn’t really supply me with room for newspaper headlines, youTube-videos or „did you know“-facts. And once you started looking into the fascinating yet highly complicated relationship we humans hold with our next of kin, the other primates, you get a lot of those. Did you for example know that there existed cross-breeding experiments between chimpanzees and humans up into the 1930s in the UDSSR? All in the name of finding the New Man, I suppose.

This blog’s function, then, is to be an outlet and archive for my findings and titbits of information and maybe the odd thought about my line of work (the jungle called academia). If it picks up, it may also become a trading site for just these short and diverse jewels of things heard, seen and somehow found.


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