Saddam, the baby-eating chimpanzee

I cannot decide if I am more intrigued by the fact that this New York Times article was put in the section “Lives”, when Chimp-Saddam so clearly lost his after ending those of a fair number of little children, or by the riddling pointlessness of the related story (boy goes to Africa, plays at shooting ape, does not succeed, goes home, ape eats more children and is killed), or by the collection of guileless comments below the text. My favorites: The Exculpation Via Emotional Stress: “I think it shows an intelligent emotional animal who responded in the only way he could to his heartbreak and solitary existence” ( Susannah); The Random Observation: “If the 18-month-old girl had lived, she would be now about the same age as the writer when he was in Uganda…” (J); or, The Aspiring Honesty: “I get paid really good money to both write and read critically” (LarryAt27N).


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