My New Favourite Monkey

A punk set of hair, a cool beard, and a nice touch of sexual ambivalence, but it is all in the name game: Meet De Brazza’s Monkey (common name), cladistically and quite accurately known as Cercopithecus neglectans, also called a species of the Genuon genus. And this is where it gets spicy: ‘guenon’ might be an asexual sign for a genus in English, but in French a ‘guenon’ is always and for ever solely: a female monkey or ape. Add to this the enticing white stripe that runs down its thigh, as Wikipedia informs me, the punky hairdo in orange and the white goatie which is matched by its white eyelids and there is some sort of entertaining drag theme going on already. But this not being enough, this species is also, colloquially, called Ayatollah monkey – in reverence of the beard and possibly the booming noise it communicates with, but surely in evidence of a common bout of strange zoologist humor…

Did you know?

My New Favourite Monkey


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