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Interspecies communication, Part 2: The Interspecies Internet

While Koko the Gorilla, Kanzi the Bonobi, Peter the Dolphin, Nim the Chimpanzee and Alex the Parrot are already chatting away at their human language teachers and researchers (mostly about “Give me food”, “Take me away from these ugly apes” and “I am bored.”), there are dozens if not hundreds of species out there who might have something to say to their human captors, eh, co-habitants.

Luckily, Research, Commerce and Art, those muses of our day and age, put their heads together and  and came up with a proposition to at least enable a more reciprocal communication between “them” and “us”, that is: human and non-human animals. An Interspecies Web: http://blog.ted.com/2013/02/28/the-interspecies-internet-diana-reiss-peter-gabriel-neil-gershenfeld-and-vint-cerf-at-ted2013/

While I am kind of interested in how this furthers research with animals and over all an evolution of human-animal-ethics, I think it strange that this account ends once again with the wish to be able to call up ET and his conspecifics. Isn’t understanding what a possibly malicious dolphin really wants when he/she bumps you under water enough for a scientific revolution?


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