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On Cooperation, Part 4: Monkeys and Prison

Only in Europe: Barbary macaques are being held in detention and deported because “they have been behaving aggressively”. I wonder where they will get deported to, since they’re passports appear to have been lost when their forebearers immigrated to Gibraltar some time between the Pleistocene and the Middle Ages.



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Human-animal communication, according to the omnipresent first-look-source Wikipedia, “is the communication observed between humans and other animals, from non-verbal cues and vocalizations through to, potentially, the use of a sophisticated language.” While some might still be looking for the right way to get their pets to do what they try to tell them by yelling commands at their puzzled faces, this eager monkey has it all figured out: “Who needs sophisticated language? I can get the human to do a useless task any time I want, you just watch and learn!”

Apparently dogs are no longer in favour as child surrogates, as this documentary shows. There actually is a recommendable novel about this scenario, albeit a slightly dystopian one (Liz Jensen, Ark Baby). The novel actually addresses one of the main concernes here: It’s hard enough to tolerate a human teenager, imagine a sexed up, hormonal monkey, fed on lots of sugar. In your home. It has hands.

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SZ Magazin: Planet der Affen

After a longer absence from popcultural apings (work, work, work makes my mind go round) the silence is now dashingly broken with Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin: A whole magazine, ape and monkey themed. Ever wondered whatever happened to Michael Jackson’s pet chimp Bubbles? Or if King Kong, Gollum and Planet of the Apes protagonist Caesar are in fact the same man? Or if Indiana Jones just made that culinary monkey brain scene up? Here you go!

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